Art installation is completely foreign to me - this exhibition marks the first of  which what I created was shown at an event in a real live art gallery. Through VIVO Media Arts Centre's youth mentorship I learned Java, using Processing to create my piece. "Halo, World" is a collaboration between Tangible Interaction, with mentors Leó Stefánsson and Niel McLaren.

Think to the last time you heard someone's heartbeat. Was it a slow and steady thrum, or giddy with joy? To be able to even hear such a sound requires a very intimate relationship with another person. And what of our relationship with the earth below us? We thrive off of Mother Earth, basking in her beauty, though often take more than she can give us. It might be difficult to imagine such a vast planet to be as susceptible to pain as a person.
The average human heartbeat is 72 beats per minute. Earthquakes remind us that the earth is, indeed, alive and moving under our feet. Drawing a parallel between the heart and the earth's heart, this work gathers the last 24 hours of earthquake data, the squares of lights turning on according to magnitude. It also makes full use of the 72 lights available on HALO. 
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