Welcome to The Lunar Greenhouse, a place of refuge from the cold, and a cradle for conversation. Exploring the side of botany that blooms after dusk, this installation explores concepts of technology and nature. Taking the context of the event in mind (held in the night time, cold temperatures, ease of removal/setup) this makeshift blanket shelter provides an ideal communal sitting area for the public. 
To facilitate conversation, cards displaying questions and night blooming flowers are placed around a circular table. A singular lamp stands in the middle. The ambient light creates intimacy similar to that of a campfire. 
An eclectic potted 'plant' is the centerpiece of the room, emanating a pulsing glow.
Concept sketches - plant was later limited to just one in order to create a campfire effect.
Overheard: "Well, I've always wanted to try backpacking..." Conversation cards to facilitate community.