Seagall is a 2-D shooter game where a particularly impish seagull has decided to defecate upon as many unsuspecting hang-gliders as possible. Frustrated that the infuriating bird would have the gall to do such a thing, the irritated tourists have no choice but to take him down once and for all.
Traversing through balmy sunshine and tropical rainstorms, the player must rack up as many points as possible to achieve the greatest high-score. Ammo is limited however, and as such, fish must be devoured in order to attain sufficient firing power.
Created in the software GameMaker as an exercise during the Vancouver Art Institute's Structured Work Experience and Training Program (S.W.E.A.T), all components of the game were created within a 3-day span. 30 hours of video game and design training were completed in this program. The track is Mini-Game Island from Mario Party for the Nintendo 64. All rights belong to Nintendo.
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