How might we clearly and efficiently communicate learning objectives?
Timeline: June 2016
Project Type: Web
My Role: UX/UI 
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InVision
The goal - design a learning management system to be intuitive, exciting, and user-friendly. Develop an LMS that supports iXperience philosophy of education, makes sharing content easy and enhances the learning environment. This project was completed with my group members during a one month User Experience Design class located in Cape Town, SA.
A carousel of cards rotate, incorporating movement into the interface.
Clicking on a student provides contact information. Slack is integrated into the system.
Attendance can also be easily taken, and will notify safety and administration if a student does not arrive to class.
A competitive analysis was conducted to compare existing learning management systems. Interviews were conducted with students, teachers, and administrators to see all sides of the educational spectrum, revealing the pain points of each type of user.

"Blackboard and Canvas are like the PC's in a world that is dominated by Mac's."
- Student Interviewee

Paper prototype iterations - completed user testing with a variety of students.

Journey maps follow the daily life of the user, highlighting what triggers pain points.
Personas narrow down user needs and pain points. 
Students expressed a desire to be more hands-on with their learning and to see real-world application. Interviews were conducted with 11 students, 10 teachers, and 6 administrators.
Wireframing allows for clear, streamlined user flow.
Mobile wireframing - a stripped down, day to day version of the LMS.
Style tiles provide a quick way to test out the brand voice and colours of the product.